Discover How To Unblock Your Dormant Creative Talents and Skyrocket Your Income as an Artist!

Our unique Creativity & Abundance attracting system has helped many different types of artists all around the world build a thriving successful career with a new unlimited explosive creativity!

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We will discuss...

  • How to break through your blocks that hinder creativity
  • Create the right mindset to skyrocket your creative artist business
  • Our simple system, which attracts unlimited creativity and effortless abundance into your business

Vital Video: Please watch the entire video before applying ; this is a gENUINE, creativity and abundance attracting program for all types of artists!

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Thank you for this priceless information, my level of creativity as upgraded, and I cannot thank you enough for increasing more abundance into my career!


Wow! After coaching with Divina what I received was amazing, I became a more successful entrepreneur by unblocking my energetic mindset issues that Divina identified. After that my level of inspiration and creativity increased!


The spiritual aspect of the program helped me awaken creativity levels I never new possible especially as a musician! 

- Benj

I really appreciate the results of attracting more prosperity, happiness and a greater alignment to my creative talent!!!

- Shireen

This program helped me unleash my full potential in my abundance and my career! Definitely recommend it for those who want to unblock and monetize their creative talents! 

- Brett

This program has become my guide to awakening my highest creativity potential and unblocking the hidden blocks that hold back my abundance! This has definitely increased by abundance in all areas of my life! 

- Cindy

My life has change after I have applied much of what I have learned from the program. I have increased my level of fulfillment and creativity in my life and attracting more abundance, thank you Divina! 


This program is so powerfully equipped to unblock higher levels of creativity and attracting more abundance into your career, definitely recommend to anyone who wants more of that in their lives! 

- Peggy


Divina is a Certified Law of Attraction and Soul Psychology Coach, Certified Recconective Healing Practitioner and is the founder of Reawaken Your Authentic Self Academy and has been featured on Variety Talk, Soul Woman, QSCA, Whole Lifetimes, Ladies Who Launch and Conscious Life Expo for her work and is a #1 International best-selling author. Has two books for artists “Reawaken Your Authentic Self” and “The Butterfly Diet”

Divina is inspiring creative artists entrepreneurs to skyrocket their creativity, cash flow and freedom with energy clearing for creativity program, mindset & marketing strategy tools that help her clients prosper exponentially.
She started off financial and spiritually broke in her early 20’s in los Angeles and with no creativity or knowing that she had hidden superstar talents as an artist, but changed her life with her 4bodyawakening system to attract more money and explosive creativity through her artistic purpose as a clothing designer. With this essential 4bodyawakening system she turned it all around becoming an unlimitedly creative clothing designer downloading hundreds of ready-made designs clairvoyantly through dreams, meditation. She now has over 1000 designs that are and have been downloaded effortlessly from her soul and has a successful clothing business selling to rich women in the middle east! Now she coaches creative artists entrepreneurs all over the world on how to fully unblock their explosive creative talents and abundance by breaking through their own inner blocks, that hinder creativity and making more money and creating more FREEDOM!

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